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Pinned topic Assertion Error on DeDuplicate and Aggregate OP

‏2013-02-23T15:13:12Z |

as I increased the Data Input in my SPL-Application I got this error:

process(const SPL::Tuple&, uint32_t): Assertion `it != _map.end()' failed

at the following OPs:

stream<OrigGPS> NewDeDuplicateGPS = DeDuplicate(OrigGPS) 
{ param timeOut : 1.0 ; key : sensorId, measureValue1, measureValue2 ; 
}       stream<SortInput> AggGPS2 = Aggregate(NoAgg) 
{ window NoAgg : tumbling, time(1) ; param groupBy : sensorId ; output AggGPS2 : measureValue1 = Last(measureValue1), measureValue2 =  Last(measureValue2), currentMillis = Last(currentMillis) ; 

MeasureValue 1 and 2 are the latitude and longitude of a gps-cordinate, currentMillis the timestamp.

I tried varying the window-time and the timeout, but it didnt solve my problem.
Do you know how I can solve this problem? I am using Streams 2.0.4

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    Re: Assertion Error on DeDuplicate and Aggregate OP

    This assert appears to be the one in DeDuplicate. Looking at the code I can't see anything obviously wrong. Can you tell me what is upstream from the DeDup? Specifically, is there a potential for multiple threads to be running through the DeDup concurrently? Is there any way you can provide a small sample that reproduces the problem?