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Pinned topic Access view in ClearTeam Explorer

‏2013-02-23T03:44:35Z |
I am trying to add a new user so that they can access a project. The ClearCase server is on a RHEL server. I added the new user to NIS under our default group and ran the make command. The VOB and project both have the default group listed as the owner group. I use ypwhich on the ClearCase server to verify the NIS server is set correctly. Also, I use ypcat on the ClearCase server to make sure that it can see the user listed in the correct group. Is there some place I am missing that I need to grant permissions for the user to be able to access the VOB? I thought it was all based upon the group the user is in. Here is the error I am receiving. CRMAP7009: CCRC command "Login" failed: Unable to connect to server at URL ""