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‏2013-02-22T22:55:29Z |
When debugging online CICS COBOL program in RDZ 7.6, I set up CICS DTCN parameters (see attached screen shot one) as LoadMod::>CU(s) ==> MORW605 ::> * - This set up desn't trap the program in RDZ debug. When I set up differently like (see attached screen shot two) as LoadMod::>CU(s) * ==> ::> MORW605 - This set up works - RDZ traps the program. Question is what is the difference that first set up doesn't work and the other set up does work- anybody knows? Thanks.
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    Re: DTCN/RDZ Question

    I suspect your Load module name is not MORW605, instead you have a load module with MORW605 as a compile unit in it. Typically a load module can have one or more compile units. So MORW605 ::> * means any compile unit in Load module MORW605 is enabled for debugging. And * ==> ::> MORW605 means any load module with MORW605 as the compile unit will be debugged. For more information about "LoadMod::>CU(s)" option, look at

    FYI: From RDz 761 onwards, RDz offers setting up of DTCN profile to debug CICS applications from RDZ user interface (i.e. you no longer have to go to the green screen to set it up). For more info, you can look at