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Pinned topic SOMA and JBOSS 7.1

‏2013-02-22T19:22:08Z |

I'm working on a wed app that will be used for SOMA calls into DP. I'm having a bear of a time getting the SSL setup in JBOSS 7.1 to work. I realize this may be more appropriate for a jboss forum, but I though that maybe someone here could help. I have a copy of the root-ca-cert.pem file. I started witha clean 7.1 install (community edition), enabled SSL based on various instructions on the web, but have yet to succeed. Here's what I did so far:

1 - create a new keystore that contains the DP root cert

keytool -genKey -alias jboss -keyalg RSA -keystore server.keystore
keytool -import -alias datapower -keystore server.keystore -file root-ca-cert.pem (i've tried .der also)

2 - configured jboss to use that keystore

<subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:web:1.1" default-virtual-server="default-host" native="false">
<connector name="http" protocol="HTTP/1.1" scheme="http" socket-binding="http"/>
<connector name="https" protocol="HTTP/1.1" scheme="https" socket-binding="https" secure="true">
<ssl name="https" key-alias="jboss" password="xxxx" certificate-key-file="/Applications/jboss-as-7.1.1.Final/standalone/configuration/server.keystore"/>
<virtual-server name="default-host" enable-welcome-root="true">
<alias name="localhost"/>
<alias name=""/>

3 - Coded a servlet to make the call with:

URL url = new URL("https://datapower-d2:5550/service/mgmt/current");
HttpsURLConnection urlConn = (HttpsURLConnection)url.openConnection();

So, end result is I keep getting " PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target" I realize there are a lot of gaps in my description, but if anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it!