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Pinned topic Websphere for developers WAS 8.5 + Eclipse + JRE 7 ?

‏2013-02-22T18:19:40Z |
Hello everybody,

yesterday I have downloaded and installed Websphere for developers. I can now create Websphere 8.5 servers inside Eclipse. That's very handy !

However, so far, I have not been able to create a WAS 8.5 server that uses the JRE7. In the Wizard for the creation of a new server, I have to select the location where the WAS binaries are located. When I do that, Eclipse automatically detects the associated JRE (version 6) which is located in the same folder. But I can not change it ...

Should I download extra components? Am I trying to do something stupid? Or am I doing something erroneously?

I have already google'd a bit about my issue but to no avail. I'll keep searching for a solution but if any of you can help me, it will be very much appreciated :-)
Thanks in advance for your lights.

Kind regards,