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‏2013-02-22T14:11:18Z |
Does anybody know how to implement the following requirements on a coach?

  • In fields of predefined lengths, the cursor will automatically advance to the next field once the previous field is filled.
  • In fields of variable lengths, the Tab key will move the cursor to the next field.

My search didn't come up with any good results and I'm wondering if anybody of a link or article describing how to add the above features to our coaches.

We are using BPD v7.5

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    Re: Cursor/Tab Movements

    I don't believe that there is an out of the box way to do it, but it could certainly be done with a little custom HTML.

    Tab order is a standard HTML attribute: . (I've done this before with custom HTML when I've wanted to deviate from the default order of the page.)

    Auto-advancing would probably require adding an event handler. (Maybe someone else knows another way, but an Javascript onChange event handler would seem fairly easy to write.)