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Pinned topic ppciss, riscwatch, 476FP

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I am having a great deal of trouble trying to configure the ISS and RISCWATCH so that I can simulate a 476FP
I have been successful with a 405S, but this does not have the instructions I need to execute.
I cannot find anything in the documentation advising how to do this, I have tried the following
(Operating system is Linux)

1. configured the iss to run as follows
ppc-mc-iss/linux/model/ppciss -470

2. Configured riscwatch for the 476FP
RISCWatch/rwppc -proc 476FP

When I try to load an elf program containing the first instruction at 0x00000100, I get

load file /home/moore/powerpcISS/
STATUS : load started for file /home/moore/powerpcISS/
STATUS : IAR = 0x00000100
STATUS : loading program segment 0 (1576(0x628) bytes @ 0x00000000)
WARNING : no .debug or .debug_info section found
ERROR : memory not configured to write address 0x00000000
ERROR : load failed

This same elf file can be loaded and executed successfully when the target is a 405S.
The instructions contained within this program are common to the 405 and 470 instruction sets

A sample session showing an elf program loaded onto a 476 environment would be a good starting point
if one exists ?

I attach the elf file, this may provide some help in diagnosing the problem.

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    Re: ppciss, riscwatch, 476FP

    Hi All,

    OK, I think I understand what is happening here.
    There is some startup code which is inserted in a script which needs to be executed before attampting
    to load my program.
    It looks as though the startup code sets up some TLB information, and also runs a bit of assembler code

    As long as your run this prolog code before loading your own program it works