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Pinned topic z/OS??

‏2013-02-22T08:18:57Z |
It seems that app does not work on z/OS. When I start app there is :
There was a problem writing to /usr/lpp/zWebSphere/V8R5/wlp/usr/servers/wlpsrv01/logs/ui.log .
But my dir of server is not /usr/lpp/..... It is install dir of product. In startup JCL I have :
SET INSTDIR='/usr/lpp/zWebSphere/V8R5/wlp'
SET USERDIR='/wlpusr'
Any ideas??
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    Re: z/OS??

    Thanks for pointing this out!

    Please see the Getting Started page for the prerequisites. Currently, we ask that the server run on Windows, but we've done preliminary testing on Linux and OS X as well.