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Pinned topic class is out of scope

‏2013-02-22T03:16:15Z |
first i create one porject with class a, b and c, then i create two conpoments A and B, compoment A use class a and b, compoment B use class b and c. after i successfully compiled compoment A, i found there's error with compoment B, show that file not found, and when i try to generate class of b and c, message told "class is out of scope"

what should i do?
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    Re: class is out of scope

    ‏2013-02-22T09:28:43Z  in response to buptxch
    The class has to be in scope.
    Is it bold or pale in the browser?
    Have a look at your scope, initial instances etc in the Component and Configuration.
    If you don't use a separate 'Builder' class, then you might need to add dependencies to bring classC into scope.
    Also, edit the main file to view what the code is actually trying to do.