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‏2013-02-21T21:08:09Z |
Hi Friends,
I have installed a HP OM agent(which sends a message while we run a OM command ) on my TEMS hub which is running on windows server.From the cmd i typed the command and i see the meesage generates on the HP Operation Managment GUI .In my Tivoli MQ situation on the action tab on system command field i plugged this OM agent command. So when the trigger generated it will trigger the event and my Tivoli alert would be displayed on the OM GUI. I have an issue where the trigger generates and i see the alert on tep client gui but this is not transferring to OM GUI.
The HP OM command looks like this:-
opcmsg severity=critical application="IMC Tivoli" object="SituationId" msg_text="Display"
(Which works when i type from cmd)

On the Situation action tab i plugged this command:-
C:\Program Files\HP\HP BTO Software\bin\opcmsg severity=critical application="IMC Tivoli" object="SituationId" msg_text="Display"
(Selected the radio button where it sya excute under TEMS server)
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    Re: Situation system command

    blanks in the path are not nice :-))
    (just have a look in the TEMS log)
    little trick:
    try first to execute your action using the "take action" button, and if you are there succecfull you can use the same syntax in the reflex action of the sit.

    do you try to send a lot of events to HP OM? If so this way is horrible from a TEMS performance point of view. There are solutions available using the EIF interface, which reduces the overhead dramatically.