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Pinned topic RBD onPrerender function cannot receive data passed with forward

‏2013-02-21T10:27:24Z |

EGL tooling and version - IBM® Rational® Business Developer
IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Version 7.0 Test Environment
Target environment - Windows 7 64-bit
Application type - JSF, Web
Generation language - Java
Browser Tested - Internet Explorer 8,9, Firefox 18.0.2

Recently we moved few computers from RBD to RBD, the server stayed the same as before WAS

In RBD forward command works fine, when we pass some data we can receive that data in onConstruction and onPrerender functions without problems.

In RBD forward transfers us on new page, but we can receive data only in onConstruction function, onPrerender function never receive anything. We tried same projects on different RBD versions, and always they work on and never on

Our existing projects which worked perfectly fine now don't forward data into onPrerender function. We thought that it is maybe some kind of problem because of migration.
That is why we created new project which is simple as possible just to test this and it still doesn't work. So it isn't a migration problem I guess.

This is example of new project which also doesn't work:

startingCode.egl forwards some value to destination.egl:

function forward_varijable() varijable1 

int; varijable1 = 5; writestdout(
"varijable1 before forward = " + varijable1); forward varijable1 to 
"destination"; end

destination.egl code has onPrerender function like this:

function onPrerender(var1 

int) varijable2 = var1; writestdout(
"varijable2 after forward = " + varijable2); end

This doesn't work, but if we do the same thing with onConstruction function it works. We really need onPrerender to work again.
I hope someone knows if this is something because new version of RBD or if there is some fix for this problem.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re: RBD onPrerender function cannot receive data passed with forward


    My suggestion is that you go ahead and open a PMR so this can investigated by the development team.