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‏2013-02-21T10:06:17Z |
i create a single VOB (CARSYS) with a few proj (DOOR, WHEEL, ENGINE) and each with Dev,Sit,Uat and Prod streams and in each stream 3 standard folders. VOB structure as follow (first level only):

  • DOOR
- D
- FolderA
- FolderB
- FolderC
- S
- FolderA
- FolderB
- FolderC
- U
- P

Each proj is handled by different teams, is there a way to restrict the access? that means Team A cannot see Team B project, etc.

Is this the best way to do it? I was told to have separate VOBs, but if i have some common files how do i share them?
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    Re: Clearcase VOB view access

    The best way to to have multiple VOBs, put shared files into a common VOB.

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