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Pinned topic lshwinfo for 9117-MMA

‏2013-02-21T09:36:31Z |
how to check the system environment status of p570 servers from HMC?
Is there any command to find the status of system Power supply status / cooling fan status remotely (either from AIX level or HMC)

I tried lshwinfo - but it fails,

hscroot@hmc01:~> lshwinfo -r sys -e managedsys09
HSCL8001 The frame entered was not found. Please check your entry and retry the command.
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  • gcorneau
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    Re: lshwinfo for 9117-MMA

    ‏2013-02-21T14:28:42Z  in response to PrashannaVenkatesh
    The POWER6-based 570 does not have the TPMD chip capability to monitor power/thermal information.

    Hardware failures (i.e. fan or power supply) will be reported to the appropriate HMC's Service Focal Point application.

    Glen Corneau
    IBM Power Systems Advanced Technical Skills
    • PrashannaVenkatesh
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      Re: lshwinfo for 9117-MMA

      ‏2013-02-22T07:19:00Z  in response to gcorneau
      Thank you Glen.

      The situation here we are planning to offline one side of the power source as part of the maintenance activity. when the power source goes OFFLINE, the event will get registered in the Service Focal point. This is fine.

      However when the Power is restored, will there be any event like - POWER SOURCE IS FINE AND OPERATING FINE etc? Is there any way from remote connection we can check the system health status?

      I was guessing the "lshwinfo" or "uesonsor" or "machstat" type of commands may support this...Hence this query.