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Pinned topic Power7+ running in P6+ Compat mode

‏2013-02-20T18:27:47Z |
We have a application (Informatica 8.6.1) which may require us to run a few vm's in P6+ compat mode. I want to know how many rperf per core do we lose. Right now my understanding from this site http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/power/hardware/770/perfdata.html, the rperf per core on my new system is about 12.84 per core.

With that knowledge can anyone give me the rperf per core when running in P6+ Compat mode?
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    Re: Power7+ running in P6+ Compat mode

    Check out Page 7 of the below doc. It gives rPerf numbers for the 9117-MMA (570) system which had Power6+ processors. Hope this helps.