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Pinned topic DVD drive on the chassis

‏2013-02-20T18:14:55Z |
Hi. I have a BladeCenter H chassis with several blade servers in it. And it has s DVD drive as well wich can be used by any server. The problem is that i cannot use the dvd drive any more. I have tried to upgrade os on one system and i got message that it cannot boot from the drive. The only thing i have done was to upgrade the firmware on the AMM of the chassis. Could this impact the communication between the blade server and the DVD drive? I have also tried to attach an external dvd drive via usb, but it could not see it. By the way, which version is the USB port on the BladeCenter H chassis? Should it be 2.0? I was surprised to see in bios of the servers that it was 1.1.
Best regards Alex.
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    Re: DVD drive on the chassis

    Restarting the AMM fixed it.