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In a portlet , after filling some input fields ,I need to show the excel sheet which has the data in my portlet. i heard there is an in built portlet 'Excel Document Viewer Portlet' in the wp_profile/installedApps . may i know how i can do this implementation in my portlet ?

First of all is it possible to show the excel functioanlity inside the portlet ?

can i have sample example for this?

its the project requirement to show like this !

Could you pls help in this?

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    Re: Excel Document Viewer Portlet

    I'm not familiar with that articular portlet, but WEF provides a Spreadsheet Import/Export builder to import a spreadsheet from disk to XML and then your portlet can display that however you like, or manipulate the data and store it elsewhere.

    I hope that info helps,
    ..Mike Burati
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