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Pinned topic Best option for Inline extension to improve performance

‏2013-02-20T16:58:25Z | mdm-migration
We are planning to implement inline extention of Person table in our project for performance improvement
and we want only one database hit for all the transactions to retrieve or store OOTB Person attributes and our additional Person attributes. Please suggest which will be the best way to do it? Only 'Add fields to base table' option will satisfy the requirement or we will have to use 'override base query' option as well.
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    Re: Best option for Inline extension to improve performance


    I think "Override base query' is optional.

    Extract from the MDMWorkbenchUserGuide.pdf:

    Add fields to base table - Select this option to modify the base entity
    database table instead of creating a separate database table for the data

    Override base query - Select this option if you wish to optimize the SQL
    queries for the data extension. This option requires manual coding and
    should not be used for entities that support pluggable SQL.