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Pinned topic IBM WebSphere 6.0.2 distributive for AIX

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Hello everybody,

Im looking for distributive of IBM WebSpere Application server v.6.0.2... It is highly required for the one of important task as our specific software only compatible with this version of WebSphere...
For my regret currently IBM doesnt have even trial version of this version of WebSphere on the site and officialy this version out of support... Looks like closed chain -> out version of software doesn't compatible with the newest version of Websphere and in the same time IBM closed purchasing and support of this version.
Would you please help me anybody with distributive of IBM WebSphere v.6.0.2 if somebody have in the private archive this version of software??
Then we will bought the newest version of WebSphere (lets say 7.0) in order to be compliant with IBM licensing policy but will use in reality 6.0.2 :) The most important question where we can get distributive 6.0.2 for AIX...
Thank you and hope for you understading and assistance!
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    Re: IBM WebSphere 6.0.2 distributive for AIX

    You are correct that sales and support for WebSphere Application Server V6.0.x has ended. For the entire list of announced End of Support dates for all IBM WebSphere Application Server products, please see:

    Nevertheless, I recommend talking with an IBM Sales Representative to see if there are other alternatives available. For instance, with the release of WebSphere Application Server v6.0 in August of 2005, IBM changed the support policy from 3 plus 2 years up to 5 plus 3 years (see Therefore, although traditional support expired in September 2010, extended support might be purchaseable that would go through September 2013.

    Otherwise, talk with an Information Technology specialists within your business to find out whether they archived any copies of WebSphere Application Server v6.0 (the 6.0.2 refresh pack is still available: to bring the installation up to 6.0.2. Do not forget that you also need to locate a copy of the WebSphere Application Server Update Installer to apply the refresh pack.

    Trial versions of earlier versions of WebSphere Application Server are available. For instance, there are links for "Previous versions" at the bottom of the WebSphere Application Server Trial webpage:

    Clicking on the link for WebSphere Application Server V7 will take you to a download page for WebSphere Application Server v6.0, v6.1, and v7.0. However, the trial editions of WebSphere Application Server V7 and earlier were made available only for Windows and Linux platforms, but not AIX.

    Clicking on the link for WebSphere Application Server V8 will take you to a download page for WebSphere Application Server v8.0. Starting with Version 8.0, IBM changed the installation technology to use IBM Installation Manager. That change made it possible to broaden the platform coverage for trial editions to cover additional distributed platforms, such as AIX, Solaris, HP-UX and others.
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