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Pinned topic Not possible to attache word document to my messages

‏2013-02-20T07:28:54Z |

Please help

I have posted a new message and attached a word document. After the message was posted the "attach icon" showed in the list that there was an attachment.
Opening the posted message the attached file was not there.
Then I tried to add replies (several times) and attaching the word document each time. But I couldn't attach the file!

What am I doing wrong?
Is it because I try to attach a word document?

I'm trying to attache the word document here again, to see how it works.

Best regards
Finn Bastrup.
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  • JAntley
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    Re: Not possible to attache word document to my messages

    ‏2013-02-21T19:58:37Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Hello Finn,

    Sorry for the trouble with the Word doc file. .doc files are allowed; is it possible the file exceeds the size limit of 50M?

    Jeff Antley
    developerWorks Feedback Team