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Hi Rich,
I give you my warmest thanks to your valuable comments.
Regarding HMC,i see that could deploy VIO LPAR on a target-so i think that HMC is using some level 2 protocol in OSI model.HMC not use TCP/IP.Is right?
In production there are compulsories 2 VIOS servers on the box.If i have now 10 LPARS as clients for the 2 VIOS servers,then i need 20 physical NICs in VIOS(10 in one VIO and 10 in the other one) in order to have the optimum throuput over LAN?Also some of the LPARS could use the same LUN into SAN,so here only 2 SCSI server in the 2 VIOS should be fine.
What is the best place to have rootvg to the 2 VIOS?I mean on local disks or into SAN?
Warmest regards,
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    Re: vios contiuation

    Hi Marius,
    You are asking good questions that indicate you should invest in some specific PowerVM education. As much as I like to help, I don't have the time and this system director forum is not the place.

    IBM PowerVM is a very robust and flexible technology. There are many ways to implement solutions depending on the environment requirements. I can't go through them all in a forum discussion.

    If you are in a situation where you have to teach yourself and have no local resources that has experience with PowerVM then I would suggest you look at the IBM Redbooks. You could start with one on PowerVM introduction and configuration.