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‏2013-02-19T12:39:13Z |
Hi people of the automation world,
with samversion rsa321s002a we have

|- Offline IBM.ResourceGroup:tomcat_brz_g1-rg Request=Offline Nominal=Online |- Failed offline IBM.ResourceGroup:glpbtcb21401_004_instanz_70-rg Binding=Sacrificed Nominal=Online |- Offline IBM.Application:glpbtcb21401_004_instanz_70:glpbtcb21401 Binding=Sacrificed 
'- Offline IBM.Application:glpbtcb21401_004_instanz_70_alive:glpbtcb21401 Binding=Sacrificed 
'- Failed offline IBM.ResourceGroup:glpbtcb21401_004_instanz_71-rg Binding=Sacrificed Nominal=Online |- Offline IBM.Application:glpbtcb21401_004_instanz_71:glpbtcb21401 Binding=Sacrificed 
'- Offline IBM.Application:glpbtcb21401_004_instanz_71_alive:glpbtcb21401 Binding=Sacrificed

We got there after an Failed Offline Resource, but resetted that already.

Is this normal behavior?
Will this be fixed with FP4?

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  • sedgewick_de
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    Re: Sacrificed Member in Offline Group

    Hi Manfred,

    because of the offline request, the resource group has a desiredState of offline.

    Offline IBM.ResourceGroup:tomcat_brz_g1-rg Request=Offline Nominal=Online

    In this case fixing the resource in failed offline does not trigger a new binder run as no new placement of resources is required, so the "sacrifice" information is not removed.

  • nukite8d
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    Re: Sacrificed Member in Offline Group

    Hi Markus,
    thank you for the fast reply.
    I thought about this and was afraid of the anwser.

    This situation is quit difficult to understand for our operating colleges.
    We are not sure about what happend, when we cancel the stop request.
    Will the resource start normally or will it stay in sacrificed and maybe sacrifice even more resources?

    Is there a way to let the binder explizit run and so reset the sacrificed status?