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Pinned topic Accessing OOB Management on IBM 3850 M2 / x3950 M2

‏2013-02-19T10:05:55Z |

I was hoping you might be able to help with this issue.

We have taken over management of a remote site with several IBM 3850's. We've identified BMC's and have configured basic access with IPMI tool. Though the documentation seems to indicate that there is a web interface and virutal KVM available, (also snmp (see below)), but when we attempt to point a browser at the IP addresses, it fails to load anything.

Unfortunately these are production boxes at a VERY remote location, so we can't reboot them and play around in the BIOS.

How can we turn on the Web interface for the BMC/RSA card(s) (from the Linux CLI)?
(The documentation is a bit confusing and seems to indicate that the BMC having IP access turns on the web interface. It also indcates that the SNMP is turned on, but it will not allow us toe SNMP queuries n the BMC. Only commands with ipmpitool (which WORKS)).

Any help or pointers to a document which address the steps needed to enable this would be appreciated.

Host Info:
Handle 0x00CF, DMI type 8, 9 bytes
Port Connector Information
Internal Reference Designator: Not Specified
Internal Connector Type: None
External Reference Designator: RSA Ethernet
External Connector Type: RJ-45
Port Type: Network Port
Handle 0x016F, DMI type 12, 5 bytes
System Configuration Options
Option 1: J21- BMC Disable Jumper
Option 2: Pin 1-2 BMC Enabled
Option 3: Pin 2-3 BMC Disabled

Device ID : 32
Device Revision : 0
Firmware Revision : 4.3
IPMI Version : 2.0
Manufacturer ID : 2
Manufacturer Name : Unknown (0x02)
Product ID : 119 (0x0077)
Product Name : Unknown (0x77)
Device Available : yes
Provides Device SDRs : no
Additional Device Support :
Sensor Device
SDR Repository Device
SEL Device
FRU Inventory Device
IPMB Event Receiver
IPMB Event Generator
Chassis Device
Aux Firmware Rev Info :