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Pinned topic Please help me on Datapower Front Side Handler Issue

‏2013-02-19T09:42:16Z |
In our application, we have a blue zone Datapower which has a HTTP Front Side Handler and a MQ Front Side Handler to help handle and transfer business messages between us and our customers.

Currently, we are thinking about to add a warning function into our blue zone Datapower, which is able to send an error email to our application mailbox if those Front Side Handlers are not working or they are not available.

So I send this email to you and propose my questions here:

1. Does Datapower have this kind of function I mentioned above to report Front Side Handler missing with email?
2. If it is able to do that, could you please teach me how to configure and enable this function?
3. If it is not able to do that, is there any else method to realize the function mentioned above?

Thank you for your reading and looking forward your reply. (Better have some screen shots to teach the relevant process step by step)
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    Re: Please help me on Datapower Front Side Handler Issue

    There's nothing within DataPower to do this.

    What you'll want is another process, maybe a cron job running somewhere, that sends a 'synthetic' transaction through DataPower. If any error occurs, whether within DataPower or elsewhere in your infrastructure, you could have it send an email.

    But again, this outside of DataPower.