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Pinned topic How to convert a non-unicode typetree to a unicode typetree ?

‏2013-02-19T09:41:22Z |
Hi all,

i'm struggling with the following problem:

We have a couple of interfaces running between a SAP system and a Warehouse management system.
Recently the SAP system has migrated to a unicode database and is now able to send unicode files to the Warehouse management system. However, the current typetrees of the mappings in between the systems, do not support files in unicode format.
They can only handle single byte character files.
So my question is: how can i easily convert my typetree to a unicode compliant typetree ?
I have been looking at the different options per field in the type tree and tried by selecting UTF-8, UTF-16.
But somehow it didn't work. Maybe i missed something there.

Can anyone help me out with this ?
Thanks in advance !