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I am using Rhapsody Developer for C 7.6.1 MR 2

I wish to generate code out of rhapsody for Greenhills Multi 2000 environment.

Does anyone know what settings are required for it in Rhapsody and what other files are required?

(Note: In the properties of Configuration / Component , I could find only Microsoft, MSVC9, Integrity, Cygwin etc environments but nothing about Greenhills Multi 2000 )
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    Re: Greenhills Multi 2000

    Rhapsody doesn't support GHS Multi Win32 environment starting 7.6 (I'm not sure regarding exact version).
    If you have any older Rhapsody installed you can take all files from there.

    1) These files include *.jpg or/and *.bld files in Share\LangC and its nested directories.

    2) In addition you should copy LangC\osconfig\MultiWin32 directory, LangC\MultiWin32Build.bat.

    3) If you are going to use Webify, you should also take appropriate file from Share\WebServices directory.

    4) There is also Multi4Win32make.bat file in Share\etc directory, where you should modify MULTI_ROOT path accordingly.

    5) Moreover, you should copy Multi4Win32 metaclass (see Share\properties\factoryC.prp file) into your factoryC.prp file or
    modify site.prp file by adding this metaclass and Configuration::Environment property.
    It should look like the following:

    Subject C_CG
    Metaclass Configuration
    • Property Environment Enum "<your current contents of this property> , Multi4Win32" "Multi4Win32"*
    Metaclass Multi4Win32

    After all these preparations you can see Multi4Win32 environment in configuration dialog of your model.
    Set it as current environment and run Code->Build Framework in Rhapsody main menu.
    To build WebServices library you should run Multi4Win32WebServices.bat script in Share\WebServices directory.

    If you don't have previos version of Rhapsody, ask IBM support for the Help.

    Good luck.