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Pinned topic Remote volume mirror between ds 5300 error 180 Help please!

‏2013-02-19T08:09:05Z |
Two ds5300 systems

ds5300 with 6 expansions ecl. Firmware

ds5300 with 2 expansion encl. Firmware

Ds storage manager ver. 10.77.G5.14

Then creating Remote Logical Drive Mirror from ds5300 6exp to ds5300 2exp, i recive error

Collect support data attached

Return code: Error 180 - Could not communicate with the remote storage subsystem to complete this request.

Possible causes include network or connection problems, or no power to the storage subsystem. Check these possible causes and then retry the operation.
Operation when error occurred: PROC_getVolumeListForMirroring
Timestamp: Feb 18, 2013 6:44:13 PM
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