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Pinned topic misinterpretative Resource Status in OC

‏2013-02-19T07:58:39Z |
We have resources defined in TSAMP organized in nested ResourcesGroups. Many of theese Resources are "Failed Offline" at this moment. But wihtin the OC the Resource Status is shown the following in the "Resource Group Status" section as log as I have selected one of the 3 nested FLA-RG's:
"Warning: The resource cannot be started because of unfulfilled dependencies". See Screenshot.
So the Operating team is first searching in a "wrong corner". The Resources don't have any Relationships. Only when they drill down to the Resources they see that the resources are in "FailedOffline". So I thing the shown status for the RG's is wrong, isn't it?
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    Re: misinterpretative Resource Status in OC

    Hi Mr Dahlke,

    sorry for the late reply - that's a bug. The operational state of the group should be in "MemberInProblem" or similar - we will have to look into the member states to determine the correct operational state.
    Please open a PMR. Thanks.
    Kind regards,
    Isabell Schwertle