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Pinned topic BRMS Exit points when converting from LXI

‏2013-02-18T15:38:15Z |
We are having trouble getting BRMS to operate properly with a system were LXI has been installed. I want to just re-set all the exit point and registry information. What's your favorite method? We can if forced, completely delete and reinstall BRMS but I was hoping to avoid that.
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    Re: BRMS Exit points when converting from LXI

    Hi Jim,

    Unfortunately it is not possible to have 2 media management applications on a system at the same time. I do know that some applications will "self register" themselves when you go into their menus, so it is recommended that the application be completely disabled and if possible , removed.

    To make sure you have the correct BRMS programs register, you need to do a WRKREGINF and find these 3 exit points:
    QIBM_QTA_STOR_EX400 EX400200
    QIBM_QTA_STOR_EX400 EX400300

    Select a 8 on each and remove what is there.
    Once that is done, run a INZBRM *DATA. This will add the BRMS programs back and BRMS should operate normally again