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Pinned topic How to store input message during my flow

‏2013-02-18T13:07:48Z |

I have a situation.
Same .msgflow:
MQInput_IN -> Compute -> MQOutput_OUT
MQInput_CALLBACK -> Compute -> MQReply

I have to receive a message in my MQInput_IN. Then, transform it and leave a new message in another queue (MQOutput_OUT).
The other queue, leave a new message in my MQInput_CALLBACK queue. I receive it, transform it and here is the problem: I need to get my first Input Message received in MQInput_IN.

Is that possible? How?
Environment is not working.

Thank you very much for your time on this.
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    Re: How to store input message during my flow

    Your flow is wrong.

    It should read instead:
    MQInput_IN -> Compute -> MQOutput_OUT -> MQGET_CALLBACK-> Compute -> MQReply