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‏2013-02-18T11:36:33Z |
Hi guys,
my customer lost the source files of its WAR file actually deployed in WAS.

I need to update with my custom servlet.
If I copy my *.class files and update the web.xml file, i obtain the 404 - Page Not found error.

Can I resolve without regenerate the war file with only copying my custom files?

Thanks a lot.
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    Re: Hot Deploy in WAS


    I would never do a hot deployment in production, if this is production. I would take the server out of route and then deploy a WAR or EAR file. You did not mention which OS or version of WAS you are using. Hot deployment is not available on Solaris or HP-UX, this is due to compatibility with the JRE. You also must have reloading selected in the IBM extended xmi/xml files. If not, then you cannot do hot deployment. If so, it may be a few seconds before the item is reloaded.

    Please see: