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Pinned topic unable to install server raid manager under windows server 2008 x64

‏2013-02-18T10:20:48Z |
I need to install the server raid manager on my system x3400, according to the website of ibm's the only way to use it is to install IBM director, so I downloaded it and I started the installation but java is in error. The message is "array index out of bouds", despite the error the icon of the director appeared in the program folder. But I can not find the setup of the raid manager that according to the documentation had to be found in the folder "download\console\windows\serveraid_8.40_console_windows.exe"

of course i did also a full search in the whole hd as admin ... but this serverraid setup is impossibile to find ...

Can someone give me the setup file?
Do I really need IBM director installed for server raid ? or can I uninstall it ?

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    Re: unable to install server raid manager under windows server 2008 x64

    ‏2013-02-18T18:05:53Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Dear Marco,

    IBM Systems Director is not required for both types of RAID Managers. Just install one which needed for you:

    IBM ServeRAID Application CD v9.30-17006 - IBM System x and BladeCenter

    MegaRAID Storage Management (MSM) Application v12.05.03.00 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow