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Pinned topic unable to install server raid manager under windows server 2008 x64

‏2013-02-18T10:20:48Z |
I need to install the server raid manager on my system x3400, according to the website of ibm's the only way to use it is to install IBM director, so I downloaded it and I started the installation but java is in error. The message is "array index out of bouds", despite the error the icon of the director appeared in the program folder. But I can not find the setup of the raid manager that according to the documentation had to be found in the folder "download\console\windows\serveraid_8.40_console_windows.exe"

of course i did also a full search in the whole hd as admin ... but this serverraid setup is impossibile to find ...

Can someone give me the setup file?
Do I really need IBM director installed for server raid ? or can I uninstall it ?

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    Re: unable to install server raid manager under windows server 2008 x64

    Dear Marco,

    IBM Systems Director is not required for both types of RAID Managers. Just install one which needed for you:

    IBM ServeRAID Application CD v9.30-17006 - IBM System x and BladeCenter

    MegaRAID Storage Management (MSM) Application v12.05.03.00 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow