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I have RDZ 8.5. Want to play with HATS. How do I install the trail version? I downloaded software but it has Installation Manager in it. I already have Installation Manager in my PC. How do I use my existing Installation Manager and install HATS trail version
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    Re: How to install HATS on RDZ

    in order to install HATS you must also have downloaded one of three apps: RBusinessDeveloper or the WebAppDevel tool (websphere?), and there's another i don't remember. I used RBD. once install mgr finished installing the RBD, which will be integrated into your RDz, I tried to install HATS 8.5 trial w/InstallMGr and it didn't work so I went to the download location of my HATS trial and then right click/ run as admin the "install" file w/ file type Application which will be inside the install mgr subfile of your HATS trial file. it may appear to you as install.exe depending on your OS. remember to unzip everything first and always run Install MGR as admin when opening it to do anything. You will be able to open the HATS perspective from RDz once the trial is installed.

    hope this helped.
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    Re: How to install HATS on RDZ

    Installing the Host Access Transformation Services (HATS) trial:

    Finally once the necessary environments are installed, the following instructions will guide you through the step by step process of installing the latest trial version of Host Access Transformation Services (HATS).

    Go to the Host Access Transformation Services trial website site:
    Click the Download link using the Local install method and sign-in.

    Note: You will have to login to download HATS (You may have to create an account by registering first).Once you login select I agree and click I Confirm.
    Download the hats_7.5_trial.exe and run it to extract files.
    Run the launchpad executable file in extracted files.
    Once you launch the executable file select the Install IBM® Rational® HATS V8.5.
    In the Installation Manager window, click Check for Other Versions, Fixes, and Extensions to refresh packages to latest one.
    Confirm the checkboxes for IBM Rational HATS is checked and click Next.
    Click I accept the terms in the license agreements and click Next.
    Accept the default installation location directories and click Next.

    Note: You must select an existing Rational SDP group so that correct prerequisite information can be determined.
    On the Features panel, click Next.
    Note: Also select IBM WebFacing Tool for IBM i if RBD/RDp had been installed and you would like to try this feature.
    On the Summary panel, click Install.
    You will see a progress bar as the installation program installs HATS and creates Start menu items. Click Finish to close the installation panel.
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    Re: How to install HATS on RDZ

    Please also ensure that you have all of the HATS prerequisites installed. HATS System requirements can be found here: