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Pinned topic Query breaks with multiple ip addresses

‏2013-02-15T22:19:31Z |
When a bes computer has multiple ip addresses, the following will not return results

id of bes computers whose (ip address of it as string = "...")

where the latter "..." is the ip address of a computer with multiple ip addresses.

I assume I need to reword this to check if "ip addresses contains ..." but I can't get the syntax or operators correct try as I might. This seems to be another way session and client relevance part ways.

Thank you!
  • Lee Wei
    Lee Wei
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    Re: Query breaks with multiple ip addresses

    Here is one example for you.
    The pipe delimiters are used to prevent partial matches.
    Otherwise, would have been matched by,,, etc.

    ids of bes computers whose ((
    "||") is contained by (
    "|" & it & 
    "|") of  concatenation 
    "|" of (ip addresses of it as string))

    Lee Wei