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‏2013-02-15T17:13:49Z |
Hi all,

I have a doubt and how to solve this, but I think it is a bug of the Guardium tool.
I have created a Report called "Failed Login" an the DB User name column shows question matk (?) instead of the actual value.
The DB User name column in the report might look like this:
DB User name = ?
How can I change/solve this issue so that the actual value is displaying instead of the question mark (?) ?
I woul like to share an extract of the result as attached.
Can you help me, pls?
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    Re: Show DB User Name

    Hi Javier:

    There are a few explanations for this:

    1. If you are using Oracle, these could be Oracle "tnsping" process, which does not really have a username.
    2. The login packet of the traffic was missed either by the "sniffer" process restarting or an application that is long running -ie, it started before monitoring started (or resumed.)

    Please open a PMR with Technical Support to look into this.