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Pinned topic Find/Replace for Logical Model

‏2013-02-15T16:41:45Z |
Hi ,

I have a situation . I'm trying to replace all the Underscores(_) in my logical model
with a space(). How Can i do it in a single iteration.

I tried using the Find/Replace feature of the IDA. It will just search an element
for me on the model but not replace it.

I'm Using IDA Are there any plugins that I may be missing ? or Is there
something to do with configuration ?

Please help

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    Re: Find/Replace for Logical Model

    ‏2013-02-16T06:43:37Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Hi Aniket,

    The case you mentioned can be handled by the Find/Replace feature of IDA.

    If you want to replace the _ with a space, please click the "Replace" button in the data model search dialog instead of the "Search" button (Please see the attach snapshot).

    If it still doesn't work, please feel free to contact with me.