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Thought I would forward this onto everyone.


Paul Plansky
 The Experts
 Sr. Technical Recruiter
 888-660-9906 x0185
Direct 508-927-0185
Fax 508-830-0682
This is for a 3 to 6 month contract.
Programmer will build a software product risk analysis module in DOORS. Once the risk analysis module is developed, we will populate it with the existing risk analysis data for the legacy products and products currently in development. The modules will have to link to software product requirements and design verification testing modules (no changes to those modules). The goal is to have one risk analysis module that is usable for all software products we currently develop.
Skill set required:
·         IBM Rational DOORS version 9.2
·         DOORS architecture and framework experience (setting up database structure)
o   DOORS administrator experience preferred; role titles could be DOORS Admin, Tools Admin
·         DXL (DOORS eXtension Language) scripting experience preferred; but will consider candidates strong in C and C++ programming (DXL syntax is largely based on C and C++ programming languages)
·         DOORS linking (traceability) understanding and experience
·         DOORS document formatting understanding and experience
·         Understanding of the medical device risk management process (ISO 14971), software experience a plus
·         Develop and document DOORS Risk Management architecture
·         Develop and document DOORS Risk Management user manual
·         Develop, document, and implement DOORS Risk Management tool validation
·         Skilled at eliciting customer needs and developing requirements
·         Excellent communication skills (written and non-verbal)



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