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Pinned topic Creating labor records from actual start/finish date/times

‏2013-02-15T08:32:01Z |
Is it possible to run an action/escalation that looks for work orders of a particular work type, looks at the actual start & finish date/times and creates an actual labour record on the workorder using the name of the person who created the work order?

For example a work order is created by our mobile system by WILSON. The mobile system sends a start date/time of 15/02/2013 08:30, and an actual finish date/time of 15/02/2013 08:30.

From this I would like to have something that looks at this work order, and creates a labour record on the actuals tab for the 30mins of type 'WORK'.

Is this possible with front end Maximo, or would it require custom Java development?