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Pinned topic IBM Director 6.3 DB2 fix Packs

‏2013-02-15T03:43:45Z |
Can anyone advise when upgrading Director from 6.3.1 to 6.3.2 does the DB2 self managed instance get patched to Fix Pack 6?

I believe on a clean installation of Director 6.3.2 the self managed DB2 instanced get Fix Pack 6 installed by default.

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    Re: IBM Director 6.3 DB2 fix Packs

    No, when upgrading from V6.3.x to 6.3.2, the managed DB2 code does not get upgraded to FP6.

    That is only installed with a new install or when changing from an non-managed DB2 to managed
    DB2 after the V6.3.2 upgrade.

    There is NO support for upgrading the managed DB2 version from FP4 to FP6.

    Glen Corneau
    IBM Power Systems Advanced Technical Skills