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Pinned topic Invitation to participate in RMC community meetings (kickoff Thurs Feb 28)

‏2013-02-15T00:36:33Z |
You are invited to participate in a series of RMC online community meetings.

The goal is to:

a. Provide a forum for users to share tips, tricks, and best practices for using RMC
b. Share usage patterns and needs to help drive future product direction.
c. Help new users get started with RMC
d. Enable advanced users to apply advanced features.

An organizing meeting will be Thurs Feb 28 11am-12pm Eastern Standard Time
Teleconference details:
USA Toll-Free: 888-426-6840
USA Caller Paid: 215-861-6239
For Other Countries:
Participant Code: 8147994

The agenda is:
1. Introductions
What industry are you in? What country are you based in? What's your experience with RMC? Is there a topic you would be interested in presenting at some future date? Is there a specific topic you are most interested in?
2. How this community will operate:
a. When meetings will be held.
b. Using the DeveloperWorks community
c. Getting meeting notifications
3. Discuss and prioritize topics for future meetings.
4. Upcoming events - Innovate, VOICE,

Here are some ideas of possible topics for future sessions:

Basic Method authoring:
  • Creating a new practice
  • Customizing an existing practice
  • Fixing problems reported in the problems view
  • Parallel method development and version control
  • Tailoring RMC using the Team Process View
  • Using workspaces
  • Using tags

Tips and tricks:
  • Creating area maps
  • Embedding youtube videos, RSS feeds, and other advanced HTML/javascript into RMC content

  • Version control with Rational Team Concert
  • Creating Rational Team Concert process templates
  • Creating MS Project Plans

Advanced topics:
  • Creating user-defined types, modifying existing types
  • Customizing the published website using skins
  • Using process builder to generate a website based on project characteristics
  • Creating a library architecture
  • Mixing content across libraries
  • Translating method content
  • Using RMC for standards compliance
  • Reporting

Note that since these are public meetings, we cannot talk about upcoming releases. Those discussions occur at the VOICE event.

These events will be announced via the RMC DeveloperWorks community - please join if you haven't done so already.
Upcoming meetings will be posted here.
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  • Rana
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    Re: Invitation to participate in RMC community meetings (kickoff Thurs Feb 28)

    Thanks for the invite Bruce.
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    Re: Invitation to participate in RMC community meetings (kickoff Thurs Feb 28)

    • Rana
    • ‏2013-02-15T08:45:46Z
    Thanks for the invite Bruce.
    Thanks for the invite Bruce.

    A bit early for the UK, but I will try to attend.

    Rui "Manny" Pereira