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‏2013-02-14T17:20:31Z |
I have multiple AFM Filesets which are pointed to the different shares on the same NAS server. There are two servers set up as the AFM gateways within the cluster (mixed AIX and Linux GPFS cluster).

Each fileset is sometimes serviced by different gateway nodes however if I restart one gateway node all traffic moves over to the other node (as expected). Is there any way to change the AFM filesets so that they back to being serviced by different AFM gateways -- much like being able to move file managers manually using mmchmgr? I didn't see anything within mmafmctl or other AFM commands that would facilitate this so I can have them back in a load balanced configuration.

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    Re: Load balancing AFM

    In case of two GW(gateway) nodes, the load is shared equally by both nodes. If one goes down, the other will take over serving all filesets like you observed. But once the down node is backup, the load is suppose to be redistributed again back to where it started. Isn't this happening? How long did you wait? Did you try doing a operation that requires going to home for eg: for Sw filesets, do a touch op. for RO, read a file after the revalidation interval.

    Also note, accessing panache filesets from AIX is not supported aka cache cluster has to be linux only cluster for now.