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Pinned topic Null fileset - Failed deletion

‏2013-02-14T16:48:23Z |
I tried deleting an Read only AFM fileset that was pointed to a NAS share. The fileset deletion hung (mmdelfileset). After a day or so I forced a shutdown and am now left with this:

Filesets in file system 
'gpfs1': Name                     Status    Path root                     Linked    /gpfs/big AFMtest                  Linked    /gpfs/big/AFM1 (NULL)                   Deleted   --

Any way to remove the ghost? Is this just stuck in the ODM?
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    Re: Null fileset - Failed deletion

    Interesting...What was the fileset that was being deleted? Is it AFM1 thats still there below or another one thats no longer deleted?
    Is it possible to try to remount(unmount/mount) fs and see if the problem is still there? or can you try mmchmgr <fs> to move fsmgr to different node and try mmlsfileset
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    Re: Null fileset - Failed deletion


    Sorry for this delayed reply.  The work-around for this situation, where you have filesets listed with (NULL) as their name, is to delete a snapshot.  As a consequence, normally this situation will clear up on its own due to routine snapshot maintenance.  But if you're in a hurry try something like:

    mmcrsnapshot <fs> foo; mmdelsnapshot <fs> foo