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Pinned topic starting sync Databases with RIF

‏2013-02-14T16:47:53Z |
Hi all,
I am wondering how it would be possible to start synchronizing data using RIF packages.

What I have here is a module with the requirements. I archived it and sent it to an 'away'-database, where it was imported.

In the mean time I added some attributes to my module, which should be private here in my database. In the away-db some changes may have been done also.

Is there still a way to exchange data between the two data bases? They have the same origin, so the Doors-ID should be the the same for objects in both versions.

I read about RIF a lot. It requires to export RIF, import changes, export again etc. In all cases it locks (partly) what is exported. In case that nothing was exported (my case) nothing can be imported/merged.

May be somebody can help, how to initiate this export&import/merge process properly.