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Pinned topic Can I operate TEM Client on a server in a totally isolated network?

‏2013-02-14T11:43:19Z |
I am deploying TEM into a customer environment. A number of the endpoint servers that are to be managed by TEM are located in DMZ. There is NO possibility of opening the firewall ports to enable TEM communications back to the TEM Server.

I would like to check whether it is possible to install the TEM Client onto these isolated servers, and operate them in a semi-automated/manual fashion. I am hopeful that it would be possible to manually transfer files between the TEM Relay (that is connected to the TEM Server), and a TEM Relay (located in the isolated DMZ). In this way data could still flow between the TEM Server and the isolated TEM Clients. It would just be that this is not a real-time communication. This would at least offer the advantage of TEM being able to manage these endpoints (albeit indirectly).
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    Re: Can I operate TEM Client on a server in a totally isolated network?

    if you want your clients in the DMZ to take new actions and work properly, they somehow need to communicate to the TEM infrastructure.
    there is a TEM model called Air-Gap, which basically is a TEM environment (TEM Server, Relays, & clients) in an isolated network, but that environment has it's own TEM server i believe.