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‏2013-02-14T05:25:06Z |
Hi All,

I have developed an ODME application which is working fine, For my application I have done data processing before feeding into the model.

The Data base connection is CSV and the prepossessing is done using JAVA.

Presently the model take processed data through CSV files, and prepossessing done seperately using java code.

There is no connection between java code and odme,

I want to make a simple compact ODM application
which can do followings
1. Read raw data from either CSV or Xls
2. Process the data using java
3. Send processed data to OPL/Concert model
4. Send result to java
5. Java will process the result and ODME can able to display the processed result.

I have everything written in code, but i dont know how to connect all these thing to make single process.

If any one have any example or can brief me the way of doing it , would be very great.

Arun Lila