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Pinned topic ICN 2.0.1 Installation question - Security Setup - CN Administrator ID

‏2013-02-13T21:03:46Z |
In the install guide, there is a section on pg 43 about setting up the
id for the Content Navigator Administrator. We're trying to figure out
what security rights this id needs. We are planning on installing CN 2.0.1
on IBM Websphere AIX. Does this id need admin rights to deploy the web
client to user's desktops? Any help would be appreciated.

"To access the IBM Content Navigator administration tool, you must log on to the
web client as an application server administrative user.
From the administration tool, IBM Content Navigator administrators can edit the
web client configuration, which causes updates to the database where the IBM
Content Navigator configuration data is stored.
The IBM Content Navigator
v An application server administrative user account, which is created by using the
web application server tools
v A directory service (LDAP) user
Important: The web application server must support application-level security for
this administrator account to log on to desktops IN IBM Content Navigator web
client as an administrator.
Enter the credentials for this user account in the Database configuration worksheet
for your environment.
You can create more IBM Content Navigator administrators, depending on your
needs, from the IBM Content Navigator administration tool.
The users that you identify as IBM Content Navigator administrators should also
know or have IDs that can be used to log in to the repositories that you plan to
connect to from the web client."
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    Re: ICN 2.0.1 Installation question - Security Setup - CN Administrator ID

    The ICN administrator is just a userid for authentication in to the ICN administration desktop. It doesn't have any specific rights since it's only an LDAP id, it's not the same as the DB2 id or P8 / CM8 id, etc