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Pinned topic Identifying deployable .msgflow files

‏2013-02-13T19:26:40Z |
Hi all,

WMB 7.x, mostly on Windows.

We're in the process of automating the building of our bar files. The process currently looks through the given projects for a given fileset (defaulting to */.msgflow) and adds them to the mqsicreatebar command. This default picks up all .msgflow files, whether they're deployable or not. This of course breaks the bar creation when sub-flows are included.

What I'm looking for is a way to identify deployable .msgflow's. I know that the presence of at least one Input Node is the defining trait, but how can I figure that out?

I'd love to hear any suggestions, no matter how technical and involved.

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    Re: Identifying deployable .msgflow files

    Typically this is done via an ant script that runs a headless eclipse instance (toolkit)
    You also have a file in ant that will have specific sections that are then use for the parameters of mqsicreatebar.

    In the corresponding sections of the properties file you will:
    • reference all the projects needed for the build
    • reference all the flows to be built (deployable flow files)