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Pinned topic PortalWeb2 themes in websphere Portal80

‏2013-02-13T17:54:31Z |
Hi ,

We are in the process of migrating from portal 6.1 to Portal 8.0 . While creating the page i was not able to see PortalWeb2 themes in the drop down . Do i need to install any service pack to bring it in or PortalWeb2 is not supported now . If it is not supported , then is there any new custom themes which supports client side aggregation(CSA) .

in advance
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    Re: PortalWeb2 themes in websphere Portal80

    The portalweb2 theme doesnt exist anymore on WPv8. There has been many changes done to WPv8 default theme including theme modularization. (you must read about it) CSA is not enabled on WPv8 default theme, for now.
    So if you wish to use portalweb2 theme or CSA, you may need to bring it from WPv7 to WPv8.