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Pinned topic Modifying & Deleting MDisks - What are the effects?

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Hi There,
Please forgive, I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to the IBM Range of hardware, and the V7000 in particular.

Here is the Scenario:
I have a single V7000 Control Chassis, with no expansion chassis;
21x 600GB Disks installed
1x Pool
3x MDisks, all disks are already assigned membership to an MDisk, all MDisks are members of the single MGroup
Looking through the config pages, I can see that each logical drive is dependent on each MDisk...

My Question is this:
I want to re-allocate the disks within the V7000, create a second pool (To be used solely for SQL), and create a new MDisk which is to be a member of a new SQL Pool. Going through the configurations, I think the best way to re-allocate the storage, and to allow for a new SQL MDisk, would be to destroy an existing MDisk, take it out the pool and re-configure it accordingly. What I am not sure about though, will this make the other members of the pool unusable? As I dig into the configs, I can see that each volume is dependent on all 3 MDisks.

Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Thank you,
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    Re: Modifying & Deleting MDisks - What are the effects?

    When you remove an array mdisk from a pool then the volume extents on that array are migrated to the remaining mdisks in the pool, once that background task completes then the array is deleted and the member drives are returned to candidates.

    If you're doing this using the GUI then you'll see a checkbox for:

    [ ] Remove the MDisk from the storage pool even if it has data on it.
    The system migrates the data to other MDisks in the pool.

    Or if you're using the CLI then use the -force option to achieve the same thing.

    This is a non-disruptive procedure; the volumes remain online while the extents are being migrated to the other mdisks in the pool.