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Pinned topic Data Studio 3.2.0 Client does not see DB2 10.1 AES instance

‏2013-02-13T15:00:20Z |
I'm new to DB2 and Data Studio. I installed DB2 v10.1 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition on Windows Server 2008 and it appears to be up and running (taskbar icon shows DB2COPY1 green). I then installed Data Studio 3.2.0 and that appears to have installed successfully but when I start it, nothing shows up anywhere. The "start or stop a DB2 instance" help says it should show up under the "host systems" in the Administration Explorer but all I have is:
All Databases (with nothing under it)
Working Sets (with nothing under it)
I'm hoping its just a simple configuration issue that I missed. What do I need to do to see my DB2 instance? By the way, I did not create any databases - I just did a base install of DB2.
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    Re: Data Studio 3.2.0 Client does not see DB2 10.1 AES instance

    Hi Gary,

    Data Studio will automatically report databases from the system database directory (CATALOG DATABASE command). In its current version, it does not automatically display your local instance unless such database(s) exist.

    From the Administration Explorer view, if your instance is started, you can create a new Database from Data Studio ("New Database" menu). Alternatively, you can also connect to a remote or Local database ("New Connection to a Database" menu).

    The ability to let you manage your local instance, when no databases exist, is something we are looking at improving in a future release of Data Studio.

    Thank you,