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‏2013-02-13T12:39:01Z |

I'm trying to build an application from the telco toolkit, but now the issue is, how and where do i source the data from,
also what operators must i use?

Your help will be much appreciated,

Kind regards,
Mzo Mbini
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Telco toolkit

    Hi Mzoxolo,

    after you have installed TEDA you can find
    a sample data file under:

    The data file works only with the TEDA
    sample application, which you find under:

    Please, refer to chapter "6 Run the demo" in
    to get advice on how to run the TEDA sample application.
    Regarding your operators question:
    The TEDA sample application is intended as a blueprint.
    It needs to be customized to fulfill customer requirements,
    which means writing a parser for the given data, adapt the
    internal tuple's attributes, business rules, and aggregator
    code. It is yet still an advanced topic to use the provided
    operators in a different application, and thus not recommended
    Kind regards

    Norbert Schulz
    Software Engineer
    SWG IM Infosphere Streams & Telco Development
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    Re: Telco toolkit

    The entire sequence of prereqs, installation, configuration, working with the sample application and sample data, and then customizing for your own actual call data records can be found here.
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    Re: Telco toolkit

    Thanks for your post. We are trying to clarify this question in the documentation.